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November 21, 2018 - A little Happy Thanksgiving post for everyone! We are thankful for all of our wonderful users!
With that being said, we have quite the update! We would like to introduce 2 brand new scripts, one being the largest to date! (and most complex)
We also have a highly anticipated fix to one of our most popular scripts as well!

First up, ConstructionAutomated.ahk! This script is configured to build Oak Dungeon doors,
but can be adjusted to build just about anything!

Second, our largest script to date, CraftingAutomated.ahk! This script, when CONFIGURED PROPERLY,
will automatically bank and withdraw items used in crafting. For instance, withdraw 14 battlestaffs and 14 air orbs, combine them into
Air Battlestaffs, and then bank, and repeat! THIS SCRIPT WILL NEED TO BE CONFIGURED TO YOUR SETTINGS! Please read the instructions within the script!

Finally, we would like to announce that the ArdyKnights.ahk script has been fixed to now open loot bags!

We are also planning to release a version of AutoAlch that enables users to splash/stun alch, as requested.

Thank you all very much! We hope you enjoy our scripts as much as we do!

June 28, 2018 - Quick update for those who aren't aware....
Psssssssssssssssst!!! Get 99 Thieving the easy way while you still can! ArdyKnights.ahk

March 3, 2018 - Good news! We got around to attempting to fix the timings on the AutoAlch Arrows version!
AutoAlch Changes Changed the timings on the original AutoAlch program to make the breaks seem more realistic.
Expanded "break" times from 4-8 seconds to 8-60 seconds.
Increased the number of alchs possible before taking a break from 575 to 1200.

We have also worked to fix the issues with Overload Potions when using the NMZ Melee program. Please download the latest
Build and give it a go!.