Welcome to FluffSoft.net! We provide many programs and scripts to help make your Old School Runescape experience gains a bit more enjoyable. Ever wanted to have max melee? What about 99 Magic? Or 99 Range? Do you hate agility and runecrafting? If you said yes to any of the above, check out our programs and scripts!

We offer both Free and Preimum script. Our Free scripts are the "good enough to get the job done" type of script. They make your life a bit easier and improve playability of some of the more mundane tasks. Our Premium steps take it to a whole new level! With full automation, randomized everything, and a one of a kind mouse movement system, our Preimum scripts take the cake for true experience gains! We regularly hit the top of CrystalMathLabs xp earned charts wihout ever being caught!