Auto Alch Version 1.0

Follow the guide below on how to use the Auto Alch Version 1.0 program
or watch the video for a live step by step demonstraion


Before you begin, gather all items (noted) you wish to alch and place them in your inventory.
Typically, users will use a Staff of Fire, or any other staff for unlimited fire runes.

Place the items that you wish to alch in the location in your inventory as shown below.
(Note: Dragon bones are not needed. They are shown to show the proper location in the inventory)
The spot is three rows down, and in the last column of your inventory. This spot allows
the program to have minimal mouse movement, similar to keybinding clicks or a user picking
up their mouse and clicking.

Once your inventory is set up as shown above, open your spellbook. This is where the program starts.

Step One: Run AutoAlch_1_0.exe

Run AutoAlch_1_0.exe and follow the prompts in the box that appears.

Before hitting any key to continue, your pointer should be placed over the high alchemy icon as seen below:

This allows the program to click the high alchemy spell and the item to alch repeatedly.

Warning: Do NOT move your mouse, as it will mess up the alch location!

Now sit back, sleep, watch a movie, cook, or have a life while the program alchs all of your items for you! Enjoy!