Guthans AFK Clicker Version 1.1

Follow the guide below on how to use the Guthans AFK Clicker 1.1 program,
or watch the video below for a step by step guide!


This program utilizes Nightmare Zone (NMZ) as a means to stay in combat for hours on end.
Proper usage of this program REQUIRES the Guthans armor set, as it is used for healing.

Gear setup for using this program is shown below. Your gear does NOT need to be this exactly,
but MUST use Guthans. Items such as necklaces, boots, rings, and capes may be changed out.
Also, a quick prayer must be set prior to starting the program. Typically, users set
Protect from Melee as their quick prayer. No items are needed in your inventory.

Once you are geared up, ensure that you have a coffer of at least 12k gp. Speak to Dominic to start the dream.

Select Rumble. Then select Customisable - normal.

Select the following enemies to fight against:

Count Draynor
King Rolad
The Kendal
Tree Spirit
Khazard Warlord
Black Demon

Once all of the enemies have been selected, click Accept.

Ensure that the your preferred attack style is set, and that Auto Retaliate is set to ON, as seen below.

Once inside the dungeon, run to the location as described in the picture below. This spot minimizes the damage taken.
This spot is 5 steps South of the pieces of (A)rmor.

Run GuthansAfkClicker_1_1.exe

Run GuthansAfkClicker_1_1.exe and follow the prompts in the box that appears.

Step One:

Place your pointer above the quick prayer icon as shown below, but do not click it. Make sure that the program is still focused.

Step Two:

With your pointer above the quick prayer icon, press any key to grab the coordinates of the prayer icon.

Step Three:

Ensuring that the program is focused, press any key to continue.

Now sit back, sleep, watch a movie, cook, or have a life while the program fights off NMZ enemies
and gains massive amounts of AFK experience. Enjoy!